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"Mimodrames" H.M.Bateman - Master of the Silent Strip cartoon." published by Actes Sud in a bi-lingual, French/English Edition.
This is a book devoted to Bateman's strip cartoons, with a foreword by his biographer, Anthony Anderson. Publication in April 2012 to coincide with major Bateman retrospective at The Cartoon Museum.

Mimodrames HM Bateman Master of the Silent Strip Cartoon


H.M.Bateman made three defining contributions to the art of the cartoon: in 1908, aged only 21, he “went mad on paper” and freed the cartoon from the conventional stiffness of cartoon characters of the period; during the 1920s and early 30s he produced his great series of “Man Who...” cartoons which passed into the mythology of the nation; and in 1916 he started to publish his extraordinary, revolutionary strip cartoons. These were strips without words, wonderful cinematic sequences that relied only upon the story that the drawings told and did away with any explanatory text. Nothing like them had been seen in Britain before. Coming across them in the pages of Punch or the Tatler is almost shocking – they were so vivid, new and different. In their vigour, their expressiveness and their form they are utterly distinct from any other work of the time.

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